It’s about time that the universities of South Africa converge to compete over the wine glass.

The Backsberg Vino Varsity Wine Contest was born in 2009 for exactly that reason: to find out which university has the best wine knowledge, the super-sharpest set of vino-orientated taste-buds and – very important – the most passion for this product of the vine for which South Africa is world-famous. It’s like the Hall Of Fame for young aspiring wine fundis.

Vino Varsity sees itself as providing the platform for these wine societies to showcase their boundless skill, infectious passion and awesome talent.

And who knows what the future holds? The Backsberg Vino Varsity National Championships, perhaps?

This is the aim of Vino Varsity – to inject some young blood into the industry by showcasing the best young wine talent around. As well as creating a lot of fun and energy in the process.

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